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With chemicalinventory you will get a complete solution for handling all aspects of chemical management in your company.

Use the application to control current stock, reordering, safety data, label print.. this powered with the worlds best structure registration and search capabilities.

Start saving time and money with this world class inventory and compound mgmt. system. It will offer you full control of the entire life span of all your chemials, and give your chemist a tool they will love.

With built in reporting features, MSDS and safety data storage Chemicalinventory.org will make sure that your company or organisation will be able to comply with latest laws and regulations, in the field of handling chemicals and compounds.

Save Money

Application Highligts

Chemical structure
Structure Search

World Class Structure Search

Safety daata
Safety Data

Full support for safety data

Super Friendly User Interface

Lab personel will love it

Cloud Solution
Cloud Access Or Internally Hosted

Feature rich application or limited.. the choice is yours


Track all types inhouse and purchased items

Not only flasks and boxes can be tracked. Track everything including plates with the ablity to control the content down to the individual well.

With our solution you will be able to bring all this to your users without the concerns of local software installation. You will have access to the entire inventory from every where in the world... or you can limit the access to only your private network.. the choice is yours.

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