Chemicalinventory.org Features


Increase effciency in your lab by choosing the market leader in dedicated inventory managament.

Manage the entire lifecycle of chemicals from registration to disposal. This is done with full audit trail, that will ensure that the history for every element of your inventory is constantly tracked.
Once data has been properly structured all reports required to comply with any type of legislation can be exported.
A proper and dedicated chemical inventory will allow you to minimize your waste and reduce cost for purchase and waste disposal.
Chemicalinventory.org will at all times give you full and realtime, overview of your entire inventory. We will handle all types and sizes of inventory, from the very large corporate setup to small setup with only a few people involved.
With the userfriendly web interface you will always have access to your inventory and compound database. That will allow for easy and quick access from everywhere in the world. This will allow companies with multipla labsites to take benefit of a shared inventory mgmt. system.

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